We participate in workshops, we present our work at conferences and we publish in scientific journals. Below on this page, a selection of our papers and presentations is freely available for download.

Year Author Title Download
2019 Significance Basgoed runs KEV2019 PDF
    AEOLUS berekening t.b.v. KEV2019 en MoBiBe2019 PDF
2018 Michiel de Bok An empirical agent based simulation system for urban goods transport PDF
    De incrementele ontwikkeling van een data-driven agent-gebaseerd simulatiemodel voor goederenvervoer PDF
  Rik van Grol HIGH-TOOL–a strategic assessment tool for evaluating EU transport policies Link
  Gerard de Jong A disaggregate stochastic freight transport model for Sweden PDF
    Determining price elasticities of rail demand for market-can-bear tests PDF
    Ex post evaluation of major transport infrastructure projects PDF
  Bart Wesseling Doorontwikkeling en actualisatie van het strategisch goederenvervoersmodel van Nederland, BasGoed PDF
2017 Yashar Araghi Trust, awareness and independence: Insights from a socio-psychological factor analysis of citizen knowledge and participation in community energy systems PDF
  Michiel de Bok An exploration of freight transport forecasts for The Netherlands with BasGoed PDF
    Development of a multimodal transport chain choice model for container transport for BasGoed PDF
    De bestelauto in modellen voor verkeer en vervoer: tussen wal en schip? PDF
  Rik van Grol Testing of a demand matrix estimation method incorporating observed speeds and congestion patterns on the Dutch strategic model system using an assignment model with hard capacity constraints PDF
    HIGH-TOOL – Een nieuw Europees modelsysteem PDF
  Gerard de Jong A disaggregate stochastic freight transport model for Sweden PDF
    Modelling production-consumption flows of goods in Europe: the trade model within Transtools3 PDF
  Eric Kroes Onderzoek naar de waardering van drukte in het openbaar vervoer in Parijs PDF
  Kurt Verlinden Zelfrijdende auto’s in Vlaanderen: een vooruitblik PDF
  Bart Wesseling Evaluating the robustness effects of infrastructure projects based on their topological and geomatrical roadway designs Link
  Jasper Willigers The impact of various forms of flexible working on mobility and congestion estimated empirically PDF
  Barry Zondag Ruimtelijke robuustheid van bereikbaarheid PDF
    Robustness of accessbility challenges to land use changes PDF
2016 Michiel de Bok Ontwikkeling van een multimodaal ketenkeuzemodel voor containertransport in het strategisch goederenvervoermodel BasGoed PDF
  Stefan Grebe The strategic Flemish freight model at the intersection of policy issues and available data PDF
  Rik van Grol Consolidated calibration of Dutch national and four regional model – recent developments PDF
  Gerard de Jong Estimation and implementation of joint econometric models of freight transport chain and shipment size choice PDF
    Modelling production-consumption flows of goods in europe: the trade model within Transtools3 PDF
    Analyzing model uncertainty and economies of scale of the Swedish national freight model to changes in transport demand PDF
    Values of travel time in Europe – review and meta-analyses PDF
    A model for freight transport chain choice in Europe PDF
    A time-period choice model for road freight transport in Flanders based on stated preference data PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven Urban gondolas in Ile-de-France: forecasting traffic on a new mode PDF
    Forecasting travel time reliability in road transport – a new model for the Netherlands PDF
  Eric Kroes Research into new methods for the Enquête Globale Transport in the Ile-de-France region PDF
  Kurt Verlinden Strategisch modelleren met behulp van grootschalige agent-gebaseerde simulatie: toepassing in Vlaanderen PDF
  Jasper Willigers New findings in the Netherlands about induced demand and the benefits of new road infrastructure Link
  Barry Zondag Accessibility impacts of alternative urbanization strategies in The Netherlands PDF
    Evolution of the EU and international shipping: drivers, challenges and scenarios PDF
2015 Stefan Grebe Redeveloping the strategic Flemish freight transport Model PDF
  Rik van Grol De provinciebrede modelaanpak. Aanpakken of loslaten? PDF
  Gerard de Jong Explaining household decisions on car ownership and use using an approach based on an indirect utility function PDF
    Handbook on Research Methods in Transport Economics and Policy PDF
    Containerised export from Java: the impact of policies to reduce GHG emissions PDF
    Port and Inland Mode Choice from the Exporters’ and Forwarders’ Perspectives: Case Study – Java, Indonesia PDF
    On including travel time reliability of road traffic in appraisal PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven New insights in resistance to interchange PDF
    Betrouwbaarheid van reistijden in het LMS/NRM PDF
    De waarde van betrouwbare reistijden in personenverkeer en –vervoer in Nederland PDF
  Eric Kroes Comfort ondergewaardeerd PDF
    Value of Crowding on Public Transport in Île-de-France, France PDF
  Kim Ruijs Inzet Basis Goederenvervoermodel (Basgoed) voor ontwikkeling van lange termijn scenario’s van het goederenvervoer in Nederland (WLO2) PDF
  Jan Gerrit Tuinenga ANTONIN 3, an up-to-date transportation planning model for the Île-de-France region PDF
  Kurt Verlinden A review of theoretical and practical issues in microsimulating transport demand PDF
  Barry Zondag Exploring the impacts of public transport oriented land use policies, a case study for the Rotterdam and The Hague PDF
2014 Michiel de Bok A population simulator and disaggregate choice models for the fourth generation strategic passenger transport model for Flanders PDF
    Lange termijn scenario’s voor de ontwikkeling van het goederenvervoer in Nederland en de Nederlandse zeehavens PDF
  Rik van Grol NRM actualisatie: gesteld voor de toekomst PDF
  Gerard de Jong Analytical decision-making methods for evaluating sustainable transport in European corridors (two book chapters) Link
    The optimal shipment size and truck size choice – the allocation of trucks across hauls PDF
    New SP-values of time and reliability for freight transport in the Netherlands PDF
    New values of time and reliability in passenger transport in the Netherlands PDF
    A time-period choice model for the strategic Flemish freight model based on stated preference data PDF
  Eric Kroes On the value of crowding in public transport for Île-de-France PDF
    A practical method to estimate the benefits of improved road network reliability: an application to departing air passengers PDF
    De baten van comfort in het openbaar vervoer; een overzicht van literatuur PDF
    Value of travel time reliability on French high-speed and regional services PDF
  Jasper Willigers Economic evaluation of trends in travel time reliability in road transport Link
  Barry Zondag Options for the road freight sector to meet long term climate targets PDF
    Accessibility modeling and evaluation: The TIGRIS XL land-use and transport interaction model for the Netherlands Link
2013 Michiel de Bok Employment location in cities and regions (book editor) Link
  Gerard de Jong Recent developments in national and international freight transport models within Europe PDF
    The Aggregate-Disaggregate-Aggregate (ADA) freight model system PDF
    Modelling Freight Transport (book editor) Link
  Eric Kroes On the value of crowding in public transport for Île-de-France PDF
  Kim Ruijs Je bent jong en je wilt wat… minder auto? PDF
  Barry Zondag The TIGRIS XL land use and transport interaction model for the Netherlands; applications and further developments PDF
    The electric vehicle scenario: does it get us into the right lane and can we afford its PDF
    Employment location in cities and regions (book chapter) Link
2012 Michiel de Bok Accessibility analysis and transport planning (book chapter) Link
  Gerard de Jong Calculating errors for measures derived from choice modelling estimates PDF
    European wide meta-analysis of values of travel time PDF
    Application of experimental economics in transport and logistics PDF
2011 Michiel de Bok How to obtain representative spatial choice sets? Dominance and centrality analysed for firm location choices PDF
    Agglomeration economies, accessibility, and the spatial choice behavior of relocating firms PDF
  Gerard de Jong Cross-border car traffic in Dutch mobility models PDF
    Heterogeneous response to transport cost and time and model specification in freight mode and shipment size choice PDF
    Accelerating car scrappage: a review of research into the environmental impacts PDF
    Modeling experienced accessibility for utility-maximizers and regret-minimizers PDF
    Distribution and modal split models for freight transport in The Netherlands PDF
    Cross-border car traffic in Dutch mobility models PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven Estimating potential demand for Autolib’ – a new transport system for Paris PDF
  Jasper Willigers On the state-of-the-art demand forecasting model developed by Netherlands railways PDF
2010 Michiel de Bok Application of a LUTI model for the assessment of land use plans and public transport investments PDF
    Estimation of a mode choice model for long distance travel in Portugal PDF
  Gerard de Jong Passengers and freight transport in Flanders 2010-2040 under three scenarios PDF
    De reistijdwaardering in het goederenvervoer: Een terug- en vooruitblik na 17 jaar PDF
    Spijtminimalisatie: een nieuwe modelvorm en een toepassing op vertrektijdstipkeuze-data PDF
    Minder PBM, meer auto’s? Stated intentions onderzoek naar het effect van de omzetting van de BPM in de kilometerprijs op autobezit PDF
    The price sensitivity of road freight transport – a review of elasticities PDF
  Barry Zondag Port competition modeling including maritime, port and hinterland characteristics PDF
    Accessibility appraisal of land-use transport policy strategies: more than just adding up travel-time savings PDF
2009 Michiel de Bok Validation of microscopic model for spatial economic effects of transport infrastructure PDF
  Rik van Grol Beheer plan voor LMS en NRM PDF
  Gerard de Jong Effecten van een slooppremieregeling op de uitstoot door personenauto’s – een case-study voor Amsterdam PDF
    An international meta-analysis of values of travel time savings PDF
    Discrete mode and discrete or continuous shipment size in freight transport in Sweden PDF
    Review of evidence on the effects of road pricing PDF
    A pilot study into the perception of unreliability of travel times using in-depth interviews PDF
    The impact of fixed and variable costs on household car ownership PDF
    An experimental economics investigation of shipper-carrier interactions in the choice of mode and shipment size in freight transport PDF
    Preliminary monetary values for the reliability of travel times in freight transport PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven The role of accessibility in passengers choice of airports PDF
  Jasper Willigers Updating and extending the disaggregate choice models in the dutch national model PDF
  Barry Zondag Challenges in spatial planning for Java PDF
    Driving forces of land-use change PDF
2008 Gerard de Jong Verbeterpunten in het Landelijk Model Systeem PDF
    The Aggregate-Disaggregate-Aggregate (ADA) freight model system PDF
    Welfare measures from discrete choice models in the presence of income effect PDF
    The driving factors of passenger transport PDF
    Transportation and logistics in supply chains PDF
    Prognoses van het Landelijk Model Systeem: komen ze uit? PDF
    Drivers of freight transport demand and their policy implications PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven Impact of land-side accessibility on the competitive position of airports PDF
    Forecasting the impact of a ticket tax in The Netherlands PDF
    The role of accessibility in passengers choice of airports PDF
  Eric Kroes Assessing the welfare impact of air network development PDF
    Hoe reageren OV-reizigers op prijsverhoging? PDF
    Biases in Willingness-To-Pay measures from Multinomial Logit estimates due to unobserved heterogeneity PDF
    Choice of train ticket: a study of Dutch travellers PDF
    De effecten van reiskostencompensatie op treinreizigers PDF
  Barry Zondag Accessibility appraisal of land-use/transport policy strategies: More than just adding up travel-time savings PDF
    The Java spatial model and its use for policy making in water resource management PDF
    A model for maritime freight flows, port competition and hinterland transport PDF
2007 Michiel de Bok On how to analyse accessibility, agglomeration as location factors: a life cycle analysis of relocating firms in The Netherlands PDF
    Validation of a microscopic model for firm location in LUTI models PDF
  Gerard de Jong A micro-simulation model of shipment size and transport chain choice PDF
    Uncertainty in traffic forecasts: literature review and new results for The Netherlands PDF
    A pilot study into the perception of unreliability of travel times using in-depth interviews PDF
    Evaluation of externalities in transport projects PDF
    Evaluation of motor carrier safety inspection programs: new instruments for the appraisal of strategic transport safety inspection policy options in the Netherlands PDF
    Value of freight travel-time savings PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven The potential for medium-term growth at Schiphol Airport – An assessment of alternative policy measures PDF
    The modelling of motorcycle ownership and commuter usage: a UK study PDF
  Eric Kroes The value of punctuality on suburban trains to and from Paris PDF
    Kan Schiphol de reizigers nog wel aan in 2020? PDF
    Choice of season cards in public transport: an SP experiment PDF
  Barry Zondag De baten van bundelen en beprijzen PDF
2006 Michiel de Bok Infrastructure and firm dynamics: calibration of a micro simulation model for firms in The Netherlands PDF
  Rik van Grol Using a meta-model to analyse sustainable transport policies for Europe: the SUMMA project’s Fast Simple Model PDF
  Gerard de Jong Errors in functions of the parameters of statistically estimated models PDF
    The impact of the e-economy on transport PDF
    Using the logsum in project appraisal PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven Evaluating a replacement ferry for the Isles of Scilly using a discrete choice model framework PDF
    Welfare effects of capacity constraints at Schiphol airport – A new model to forecast air demand PDF
  Jan Gerrit Tuinenga ANTONIN: updating and comparing a transport model for the Paris region PDF
2005 Michiel de Bok Firm relocation and the accessibility of locations: empirical results from The Netherlands PDF
  Gerard de Jong Impact of the e-economy on traffic and traffic-related indicators in urban areas PDF
    Specification of a logistics model for Norway and Sweden PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven Development of a tool to assess the reliability of Dutch road networks PDF
  Eric Kroes The Airport network and Catchment area Competition Model: a comprehensive airport demand forecasting system using a partially observed database PDF
    On the value of punctuality on suburban trains to and from Paris PDF
  Jan Gerrit Tuinenga Pivot-point procedures in practical travel demand forecasting PDF
  Barry Zondag Influence of accessibility on residential location choice PDF
    Structuring impacts of transport on the spatial distribution of residents and jobs PDF
    Integrated planning of water and land-use PDF
    The development of the TIGRIS XL model: a bottom-up approach to transport, land-use and the economy PDF
2004 Rik van Grol Developing indicators for monitoring or modeling sustainable transport PDF
    A systems approach to analyzing sustainable transport and mobility PDF
    Identifying and prioritizing policies for improving the intermodal freight transport system linking western Europe and the central and eastern European countries PDF
  Gerard de Jong De waarde van betrouwbaarheid van reistijden in personen- en goederenvervoer PDF
    Drivers of passenger transport demand worldwide PDF
    Drivers of freight transport demand worldwide PDF
    New values of time and reliability in freight transport in the Netherlands PDF
    The value of reliability PDF
    The EXPEDITE project: applying meta-models for passenger and freight transport in Europe PDF
  Marco Kouwenhoven Using road-side interviews to model employers business and non-home-based travel in the West Midlands PDF
2003 Gerard de Jong Elasticities and policy impacts in freight transport in Europe PDF
  Barry Zondag Main outcomes of a new pan-European meta-model for freight and passenger transport (EXPEDITE) PDF
2000 Rik van Grol On-line traffic condition forecasting using on-line measurements and a historical database PDF
1999 Rik van Grol DACCORD: On-line travel time estimation/prediction results PDF
1998 Rik van Grol State-of-the-art in real time dynamic forecasting models PDF