Freight transport

Freight transport models are used by regional, national and international government agencies to make forecasts of future freight flows and for investigating the impact of infrastructural investments, road user charging and regulation of freight transport.

Freight models

Significance gained considerable experience in freight modelling by developing the ADA (aggregate-disaggregate-aggregate) model systems for Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Flanders and the freight transport model Basgoed for The Netherlands and the Flemish strategic freight model. The strategic models are developed to answer questions such as: “What is the impact of a new railway connection, road or terminal on freight transport?” or “What would happen to freight flows if road freight transport would be charged? “. Examples of recent cases are the Urban freight simulator for the European Commission and Modelling vans and freight trucks in Amsterdam.

Data analysis

Data analysis in freight transport means foremost processing big data sources collected through surveys. Surveys have for instance been used to determine the monetary value of transport time and reliability in freight transport for including time and reliability gains in social cost-benefit analysis.